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  • 5/26 - Top ten UFC Heavyweight Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis will join us in a podcast on Monday, May 29th! He's coming off a really dramatic win as an underdog against Travis Browne, an always dangerous gatekeeper and who happens to be Ronda Rousey's boyfriend. Now at #6 in the world, Derrick has the scariest  knockout power in the division and is making a real push towards heavyweight gold, holding it down for H-town the whole way through. He also just got engaged! Swangin' and bangin', Black Beast up in this hoe!


  • 5/25 - We've re-branded! I mean, we called changing our name from Houston Holocron to Dead Dialect a while back "re-branding", but this time it's for real. We are no longer just a podcast, we're moving on to become a fully fledged YouTube channel! We're still going to be talking to awesome people podcast style, but it'll all be on film from here on out. Plus, we're expanding our medium into things like event organizing, live streaming, video blogging, and creating new shows. With our own platform to host videos the possibilities are pretty much endless, and that's pretty much all we needed to realize to make the call. Stay tuned!

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On April 15th, 2017, Dead Dialect collaborated with the Secret Group and put on a show with some of Houston's top bands. All proceeds went to Planned Parenthood who had reps come out and pass out pamphlets and goodies. It was a big success, everyone had a great time, and we made a recap video, Peep it below!


Houston Whatever Fest came through in April and brought along one of the biggest names in comedy, TJ Miller. From Silicon Valley, to Deadpool, and even being the Mucinex booger thing, he is rapidly rising to A-list status and thanks to our friends at The Secret Group, we locked in a solid half-hour with him on the podcast. Check it out below!

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