Gallery: Agnostic Front - 12/17/17

Gallery: Agnostic Front - 12/17/17


"It was 1990, Houston TX, at the legendary Axiom where I got my first exposure to Agnostic Front's socially inspiring vocals and visceral sonic assault. Opening up for them in Houston's own Grimace and then getting to run security for the rest of the show was the stuff of dreams for a boy from New Jersey who arrived on the scene too late...or did I?

Apparently not because Agnostic Front continues to bring us all the mosh-worthy tuneage our earholes can handle, evidenced on 12/17/17 at the White Oak Music Hall. Ripping through old school classics like Power and Public Assistance, Rodger Mirets presence is commanding as he spits truth with a purposeful message for all to receive. Gotta Gotta Go provided the spectacle of fists raised in agreement and a feeling of mutual respect and brotherhood while United and Strong backed up that feeling with solid fact. If that wasn't enough for ya, Vinnie Stigma the Clown Prince of NC/HC gives nothing less than his personal bone crunching best. 1 part Court Jester, 2 parts Warchief lights up the stage with his boyish antics to the delight of both seasoned AF fans and the newest of devotees.

In short a great time was had by all. Its clear the guys in Agnostic Front love their fans and we love em back.

United and Strong."

 - a commentary by Joey "ActionMan" Moschella

“Since a child music has been one of the most important parts of my life. I have been fortunate to not only see some of the most amazing shows but grow up with so many amazingly talented people in the music scene. I'm a firm believer in the artist village, supporting each other to help change the world around us. Through my photography I love bringing attention to the up and coming musicians that are breathing fresh new life into the music industry. If you chase your dreams and give it your all, the doors will open.