The Return of the Reverend

Story and photos by Christopher Trahan

The Mighty White Oak trembled as the night started with D. Kosmo's foot stomping soul grinding songs about whiskey, sin and redemption. When you hear his music you are instantly brought back to a time of Juke Joints and Rebellion from an era long gone by. 

With the assistance of Lauder Drums and Black Lung Lucy, the crowd was instantly won over by the gnarly scratchy tones of Kosmo's voice of 300 mad sardines. Lauders unique kick drum provided a pulsing heartbeat to the crowd while Black Lung Lucy's smooth soothing voice and beauty rock us to a new groove that Houston has sorely needed for quite a while.

The Flamin' Hellcats took the stage to whip the crowd into a rock fueld frenzy. Led by Jamie Marroquin Frontman and Clowning Showman, the band rocked their local crowd like only their brand of Vato-Billy can do. Lencho Rizo provided the popping bass licks to whip the crowd to a roar. Drummer Guillermo Cavasos rumbled their soul's with his high energy and agressive style.

Once it came time for the Reverend, it turned into a regular Psychobilly Freakout. The Rev himself Jim Heath hit the stage with that award winning smile and a bright red suit that Porter Wagner would die for. Sick rockabilly licks and surf guitar reverberated throughout the air. As the best upright bass player in the business Jimbo Wallace pride of Deer Park TX, threw that bass around like it was his best girl slapping and popping on her in all the right places. Drummer Arjuna "RJ" Contreras kept the rumble going as he beat the skins thin and sent the symbols crashing. Accompanied on the jumping piano by Matt Jordan, a rival to the players of the day. Matt was an excellent addition to the always amazing and flawless performances of The Reverend Horton Heat.

It was one of my favorite times that I have had there so far, spending the night under that old oak tree.


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