DDP Live with The Fall of Troy

Well friends, 2016 has entered the best month of the year: Augmybirthdayust. Sure, that means sweltering peak summer death ray heat by day, but the folks who manage to keep their insides from melting together still come out at night as Houston continues to pop off. Some amazing stuff has been going down, and I'm happy to say that Dead Dialect has been part of the party. Take, for instance, just a few weeks ago on July 22nd when we pulled off a live podcast with The Fall of Troy, one of our all time favorite bands, in front of a live audience at one of the coolest locations inside the 610 Loop. Cool, eh? It marked the official debut of Dead Dialect Live, which I'll get into in a sec. But first...

Story time! The Fall of Troy are a three piece band from Washington made up of Thomas Erak, Tim Ward, and Andrew Forsman. If you want the official history and biography, here you go. What I want to say about them in my own words though, is that to me they're a very important and influential group of musicians who, during a major transitionary period in my life, were absolutely pivotal in changing the way I listened to music. First thing I ever heard by them was Phantom On the Horizon, thanks to Brandon, and shit dude... I'd never not only heard but felt such an arm-hair raising energy from something that wasn't live until I sat down and listened to that EP. After that, I hunted down their discography where I found their second album, Doppelgänger which I have to rank as one of my favorite albums of all time. In short, this band is a vulgar display of beautifully technical chaotic savagery. I mean, Jesus Christ, it's like a lot of times in bands, you get one guy who's all badass and everyone else is okay. They just sort of, you know, follow the main guy. Well I don't know what the fuck they were putting in the cafeteria food at their high school where they met, but all three of them are insanely talented to where you'd think it'd be overkill to have them in a single band. Yet, you couldn't find a more perfect match-up in order to create such brilliant music that's everything from heavy, to complex, and all the way to sweet. Post-hardcore, math-rock, progressive, you can call them what you want. The Fall of Troy is simply the shit. 

Clocking in 14 years as a band this year, they're still riding the wave of a long awaited return back in December of 2013 after a long hiatus that had many believing they'd never return. Not only are they back in full force, but they are on a world tour for their newly released album OK, self-released in a "free or pay what you want" format and every bit of a masterpiece as anything they've ever done. Meanwhile in Houston, Brandon and I were looking for ways to take things to the next level. Having started a fledgling relationship with Pegstar Concerts a while back, we wanted to coordinate with them in order to bring on something special with the kind of talent they bring in and there was no one better to do it with than The Fall of Troy, who were to play at Pegstar's new and beautiful venue. Thankfully, we know Andrew Forsman having podcasted with him last year and who's a listener of the show (which still blows my mind. Check out our episode with him here!) and he pitched the idea to the rest of the band. Knowing full well that there were fans in Houston who loved this band as much as we do, if not more, we decided we wanted to make this a live thing in front of a lucky group of Fall of Troy fans where they could ask questions of their own and meet them at the end. Best of all, we wanted to film it all and share it with the world.

Took a couple months of planning, but we did it. Pegstar lent us their scenic Raven Tower, everyone who won in the fan selection process showed up, the band was stoked and we all had a great time. I can't really express how humbling and rewarding it is on so many levels to make something like this happen, not only being able to shoot the shit with some of our heroes, but to share the experience with others who wouldn't want to be anywhere else. And for it to go off without a hitch on top of it all. There were more moving parts in this thing than we've ever had to deal with, and I'm so grateful for every single person who helped make it happen. At this point, I think Brandon and I both know that not only do we want to do this again, but we want to do it again soon, and keep doing it for as long as we possibly can. So we will.  

Special shout out to Kramer and Tom from Shooting Blanks Entertainment who filmed and edited the entire video, which came out absolutely fantastic and just blew any expectations I had out of the water. Also, Brandon who did most of the coordination between all the separate parties and was able to maintain our vision for this thing the whole way. And of course thanks to Andrew, Tim, and Thomas for being so down and being the sweetest of sweethearts.

So, enough rambling, here is the first ever video of our new series! Enjoy and leave feedback in the comments section or on YouTube!