11/14 - We can't podcast over everything that goes down in Houston, so we went ahead and launched a blog component to our website! Serving as an online news source, the blog will start out by covering all things music and eventually expand onto topics like comedy, arts, culture, and MMA.

8/4 - Volcom, one of the top skateboard apparel companies in the world, recently launched a contest called "This First" in hopes of being able to help a select few folks make their passions into a career. As fate would have it, Brandon entered and was chosen to be a winner! All the info you need to know about it is over at Volcom's website where you can also check out profiles of all of the winners and get updates on the progress of the campaign. Obviously this is huge and it goes without saying that big things are on the horizon. So stay tuned as always!  

-  We covered this year's return of Float Fest in San Marcos, TX! On top of having an absolute blast, we were fortunate enough to cop some podcast time with members from both Cage the Elephant and Moon Taxi, two bands that proved to be staples in a super stacked lineup. We mashed up the interviews as well as coverage of our experience in a nice little video, which you can watch...... here! 

5/30 - We're already rolling out with some new and original content. Our newest segment is called "More + Less" and it's all about asking our guests what "X" needs more and less of. For example, "What does Houston need more of and less of?", a question we happened to ask folks performing at Madness On Main Music Festival this past Sunday. Video is done, and you can watch it here.