Dead Dialect is a multimedia production project that's run by an expanding collective of creative individuals dedicated to putting unique and original content into the world. Meet the team!



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Brandon Clements

Brandon Clements is the co-founder and head producer of Dead Dialect as well as the host of Dead Dialect Podcast. Having started as a musician playing with Houston bands such as Zoofeelia, Devil Killing Moth, and Phoebe, Brandon brings his knowledge and passion for music into the world of podcasting and journalism. Also a grand prize winner of Volcom's This First contest, he was chosen out 10,000 people to produce a brand new and soon to be released episodic series entitled "In Transit"

Can sometimes be found at Raven Tower drinking a strong IPA, watching MMA, or rewatching Sex and the City.

Twitter: @bjclements

IG: @brandonjclements


Julian Lara

A writer, podcaster, and journalist from Houston, TX. Julian is the co-founder and lead editor for Dead Dialect and co-host of it's flagship podcast. He likes writing his bios in the third person and kills time with playing video games, live music, pro-wrasslin', spacing out, practicing drums and being an MMA nerd.

Once tapped out immediately after being put in the "Walls of Jericho" submission hold and aspires to write a novel someday.

IG: @janky_jl


Daniel "Rico" Vidales

Rico is a musician and educator who has done time in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Houston. He also has a master's degree in musicology that he plans to use at some point. In addition to writing about music, Rico enjoys doing other things with music, podcasting, and arguing about sports.



nodyaH has been reporting in Houston since Hurricane Ike. When not conducting journalism, he can be found in dive bars scribbling on cocktail napkins. nodyaH focuses on underground culture. 



Dana Marie

Dana Marie//ParenthesisX
Houston based photographer, event director and visual content creator for Dead Dialect.                    She also is an accomplished Digital Illustrator, Broadcasting Reporter, Singer-Songwriter, Mixologist at The Secret Group, Tattoo Artist at Eado Tattoo, Creator of Cirque and Destroy, Stage Actress for The Barbarian Bombshells and CEO for Bad Wolf Events and JPXpo.

Follow her on IG and Twitter @ParenthesisX .

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Andre Mikhail

Andre is a creative writer and journalist from Texas with an international background. He started writing during his time in Cairo, which coincided with the Egyptian Revolution. Since then, Andre has ventured into fiction, photography, and music.